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Trauma Info
Trauma Info
Trauma Info
I feel
  • shameful
  • fearful


I am
  • powerless
  • hopeless
Everyday, I am
  • anxious
  • unable to learn
What We Provide
Trauma 101 series
We offer several multi-hour workshops that inform professionals on some of the basic physical, mental, and social outcomes of trauma. These workshops are topical and contextual to the issues that we encounter with children and adults impacted by trauma with the necessary information and basic skills required to be trauma-sensitive. The workshops are designed for up to 50 participants but larger groups can be accommodated.
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Training for Schools
Neurologic® by Lakeside
Based on nearly 50 years of experience providing therapeutic schools to students impacted by trauma, our NeuroLogic® training combines a trauma-informed understanding of children with a brain-based approach to education that provides you with countless practical and effective strategies to meet the needs of all learners. We offer a variety of custom training and coaching options to meet the needs of your school.
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The Lakeside Store
Resources for trauma-informed care
You can purchase Neurologic® curriculum, student workbooks, and our 101 Brain Breaks Book. We also offer posters that can enhance any trauma-informed environment with brain-based information.
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Intensive Courses
For Trauma Competency
We offer professional development courses which include a trauma-competent certification for professionals who complete our 3 sequential trauma courses. Other relevant intensive courses are also available and eligible for CEU Credits.
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Our Training Values

We’re Research based
Our training has been designed as a result of current research and the integration of over 2,500 books and professional resources.
We’re Process Oriented
We embrace a reflective process approach to each training and coaching session with intentional nurture, support and mentoring consistently offered to participants.
We're experienced
Our NeuroLogic trainers have years of experience in administrating school programs. Our workshop and intensive course trainers have been mentored and skilled in group dynamics and facilitation.
We’re Constantly Evaluating
We regularly review individual and group feedback by our training and supervision staff for evaluation in order to improve and expand our training processes.
We Create Community
Our training provides common principles, approaches and shared language for those who address individuals impacted by trauma in schools and systems of care.
We embrace many professional fields
Our inclusive curriculum has been compiled from the disciplines of neuroscience, trauma, therapy, education, systems theory, and more.

Why It Matters

Trauma Expert, International Speaker and Author Dr. Sandy Bloom discusses the significance of trauma to society and the impact of Lakeside’s training.

Flexible Training Delivery for Any Situation

In Person
Live Training
All of our training can be offered live by qualified trainers who can come to your location or you can attend at one of our established training sites.
Broadcast Training
Wherever there is a stable internet connection, we can provide training and coaching directly to that location from our broadcast studios. This allows live training to the most remote communities as well as internationally. Often we have provided a hybrid of live and broadcast training to blend these two styles of training delivery.
On-Demand Training
Some of our courses are offered completely on-line for convenience so that you can attend anywhere, anytime, and from any device. Check our on-line training page for courses and coaching that are currently available. We are continuing to expand our prerecorded library of courses.

In Their Own Words

This training directly impacts and informs the Trauma-Informed Care trainings we provide at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The process is very friendly, safe, encourages communication in a judgement-free environment while also allowing those that do not feel comfortable participating.

— CHOP Staff Member, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

We now handle the challenging situations much better, because we have the basic tools and strategies for it. We approach students with challenging behavior differently than before, now we ask, “what happened to you, what is your story?” rather than “this student is hopeless”. This mindset also helps the teachers to be professional and not take it personal. As a result of the trauma-informed approach, have we already seen changes in the relationships between employees at our school and the students.

— Marianne, Stovner High School, Norway

This was the best training/in-service I have been to and I have attended them for 30 years!

— Teacher, Warren Area School District, Pennsylvania

As an administrator being more aware an in tune to behaviors and outward/inward signs of folks who have experienced trauma will help me better support my staff and clinicians.

— Enhancing Trauma Awareness Participant

I’m grateful for the opportunity I have had to take the Intensive Trauma Training. The entire experience from ETA to ATP has been a transformative journey. The trainers have been supportive guides that have been able to build a community for the participants to create respectful and compassionate relationships with each other. This culture of nurturance emphasized by the trainers has permeated into my professional as well as my personal life. I feel compelled to be a more discerning individual, which means I keep my trauma lenses polished and am ready to support others on their journey of growth and recovery.

— Molly, Pennsylvania

…as a person who has deep compassion for working with students in the educational field as well as out in the community, I feel so much more equipped to teach and reach youth in and out of the classroom.

— School Outreach Worker, California

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi This quote sums up my experience in the trauma series of training. I now feel more confident and competent to go out into the world and see everything, not through rose colored glasses, but trauma lenses. I have already become “changed” and now there is my life BEFORE trauma training and AFTER it. An oh, what a difference! I have also begun to face my own “dragons” and have allayed some, still battling others, but now feel I am better equipped and have more of an understanding of my own narrative. I cannot thank the trainers enough for their expertise, respect and compassion. They are truly remarkable and I believe, what makes the training and experience authentic!

— Tracia, Pennsylvania

I am quite excited to share my experience of The Trauma-Informed Classroom Training. My first comment is that as a person who has deep compassion for working with students in the educational field as well as out in the community, I feel so much more equipped to teach and reach youth in and out of the classroom. The courses were easy to follow and the instructors were relatable, which kept me engaged. The fact that I could pause sessions then come back when need be, helped my training experience flow without interruption of my personal or work life. It is important to me to add that the lessons were not just full of information for the brain, but really triggered my heart. I could not help but recall past encounters with students where I totally blew it. Now that I have this new information and deeper understanding of how trauma impacts the brain, I look forward to applying what I have learned. To be honest, this specific training (at the least) is so vital it should be mandated for educators across the globe to complete because our youth would benefit in the healthiest of ways. Without a doubt, I recommend this training!!!

— Wilisha, California

Frequently Asked Questions

Are intensive training courses free?
If the training you have selected is fully funded, your cart will show $0 as the amount due.
Are CEUs or Act 48 credits available?
We offer CEUs for training in Pennsylvania, through: Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, PAKeys, and Certified Family Life Educators. Outside of Pennsylvania, course information should be provided to your state board for continuing education to obtain approval prior to training. Act 48 credits are available with all NeuroLogic training.
Do intensive courses have to be taken in the order listed?
Course content builds on information presented in previous courses, so some of our courses do have prerequisites. The Trauma Certification courses must be taken in the order listed.
Are all course materials provided?
Required books and curriculum are provided at no additional cost.
How do I register for live intensive training?
Click on the Registration link. Complete the information on the form and select your preferred course options. Click Submit and your registration will be sent to our administrative team.
How often do live intensive training sessions meet?
Almost all of our courses meet for 2.5 hours every other week. NeuroLogic's Initial Intensive is a one-time live training (or can be purchased with our other online courses).
How does NeuroLogic® fit its intensive training program into to already busy schedules of schools?
Each district and organization we work with is uniquely different. We are constantly customizing our program to fit into the needs of the districts we serve. Through the utilization of scheduled professional development days, early morning or late afternoon training/ coaching sessions, or our pre-recorded options, we can find a method to serve every district without compromising quality.
How is NeuroLogic® different from other “Trauma Training” that is available for schools?
Two things set NeuroLogic® apart from much of the other training that exists for schools. First off, it has been created by an organization that has been successfully running schools for over 40 years. Secondly, we recognize that those working in schools are less worried about all the science and data behind trauma, and far more worried about what to do about it. We keep this in mind, giving a significant focus to what to do in the classroom tomorrow.
Is NeuroLogic® meant to replace all of the other initiatives our school is already using?
Not at all, sometimes there are small tweaks to some of the programs you have in place. But instead of replacing what you are doing, we provide practical ideas and strategies that will maximize the effectiveness of the interventions you already have in place.
Global Impact
Lakeside Brings Neurologic® Approach to Norway
NeuroLogic® has worked with a small group of individuals from a school in Oslo, Norway, as they work to create a more trauma-informed school. It was exciting to visit Oslo afterwards to see some of the changes they put in place and to begin spreading this work far beyond this initial small group!
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Case Study
Lakeside Provides Trauma Informed Training to BHARP
In order to fulfill a SAHMSA trauma-informed care grant for 22 counties in rural PA., Lakeside has provided Workshops, Intensive Trainings and Neurologic® training to hundreds of professionals and school staff over a 4-year period to The Behavioral Health Alliance of Rural Pennsylvania.
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Case Study
Lakeside Facilitates Public Health Department Training in Shelby County, Tennessee
In order to launch their Trauma-Informed Care Training for their entire staff, The Shelby County Public Health Department engaged Lakeside to provide Trauma 101 and 102 live trauma workshops to their entire staff.
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Case Study
Lakeside is a trauma training resource for School District of Philadelphia
The School District of Philadelphia is the 8th largest school district by enrollment in America. The School District of Philadelphia operates 214 of the city's 300 public schools, including 149 elementary schools, 16 middle schools, and 49 high schools. Lakeside has provided and continues to provide intensive trauma-informed training, trauma workshops and Neurologic® to hundreds of teachers, administrators and staff of the SDOP.
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